Wacky Scholarships – Free Education Funding For The Weirdest Reasons!

Although plenty of high school and college students in the US qualify for scholarships every year, athletes and academics obviously get more preference. If you are neither, there is no reason to fret – because you may be just the perfect person for wacky scholarships. Just as the name suggests, your weird and wacky abilities may actually earn you enough money to pay for your education.

So, what exactly are wacky scholarships? Since the Webster dictionary is yet to include this term, it is best to go with the accepted definition of the term found online: free funding for high school or college education obtained on the basis of odd or unique personal characteristics, weird or strange interests or hobbies, or unique skills or talents.


Wacky scholarships available for high school and college students keep increasing each year. However, most of these scholarships go unclaimed as students remain unaware of them and thus fail to apply for them. Free funding for being red-headed, left-handed or good at playing poker are just a few of the innumerable scholarships handed out every year to aid students in paying for the escalating costs of education.

Do You Qualify For Wacky Scholarships?

These wacky scholarships offer you an interesting and unbelievably simple way to creatively fund your high school or college education. Here are some interesting, weird and – of course – wacky reasons why you may qualify for this scholarship.

  • There are lots of wacky scholarships available based on your personal characteristics. So if you are a natural red-head, really short, very tall or hopelessly overweight, there may be a scholarship waiting for you.
  • If you are an expert skateboarder or bowler or skilled in knitting, you can use these skills to pay for your education.
  • Wacky scholarships are also available for creatively talented students – be it art designing or writing poetry.
  • If you are a die-hard vegetarian, you can win about $5000 in scholarship simply by writing an essay about being a vegetarian.
  • Do you suffer from medical conditions like asthma? Most students are unaware that wacky scholarships are also available for certain medical conditions.
  • Are you one of twins or triplets? If yes, you and your sibling may qualify for a scholarship for just being family.
  • Did you know that expert duck-calling skills can get you about $1,500 in scholarships?
  • Do you have a unique last name? Then be sure to check out if you can get a scholarship for that. For instance, a last name like Zolp can earn you a full scholarship to the Loyola University.
  • This surely has to be the weirdest one. If you are a high school athlete and if milk is your favorite beverage, you might just win $7,500 in scholarship.

Students who possess such unusual and unique skills must seriously consider applying for any of the wacky scholarships out there. Agreed – these weird scholarships are not really traditional in the academic sense; but the free money is real. So why not take some time to find out if scholarships are available for your unique talents? After all you never know what wacky scholarships you may find. Simultaneously student should also start early in applying for other conventional scholarships. Scholarship Owl is a good search resource.

Using Unusual Scholarships To Fund Your Education

In these tough times when education costs are escalating by the day, scholarships are a welcome relief for students and parents alike. The good thing about a scholarship is that unlike student loans, it need not be repaid. Usually scholarships are available for those students that have outstanding academic or athletic abilities. However, now colleges and lots of private sponsors continue to launch scholarships with weird eligibility criteria. These scholarships are collectively referred to as unusual scholarships.

If you possess unique or even weird skills, characteristics, talents or interests, you can use these abilities to pay for your education with unusual scholarships. There exists a wide range of unusual skills for you to explore. For instance, you can qualify for a scholarship if you are left-handed, if you are a twin or even if you are a vegetarian. In fact, just about anything unusual might win you a scholarship in the world of wacky scholarships.

Although quite a few in number, unusual scholarships manage to garner a lot of attention because of their offbeat nature. The most well-known of these scholarships is the $1000 worth Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Scholarship available exclusively for left-handed students who are either already enrolled or will be attending the Juniata College.

Unusual ScholarshipsPerhaps the weirdest scholarships are the one offered by the Duck brand duct tape to students who are aged 14 years or older and who are US citizens. While attending the high school prom held during the spring, applicants are required to don attire and accessories created from duct tape. If a couple manages to qualify, each member will receive a scholarship of $2,500 in addition to $2,500 in cash for the school which hosts the prom.

If you are committed to raising awareness about organ donation and transplantation, you may qualify for two scholarships amounting to $1,500. There are also unusual scholarships worth $1000 and $2000 available for knitting enthusiasts. Although the eligibility criteria for the $7,500 worth milk mustache scholarship emphasizes regular consumption of milk, it also stresses that candidates must excel in athletics and academics along with notable leadership skills and interest in community service.

Then there are numerous unusual scholarships available for students who are:

• Blue-eyed
• Overweight
• Woodworkers
• Teenage mothers
• Animal lovers
• Beef eaters
• Jamaican citizens
• Asthma patients
• Bird watchers
• Cartoonists
• Star Trek fans
• Gospel musicians
• Cheerleaders
• Expert bowlers
• Accordion players

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. In reality, there are lots such weird scholarships and new ones being added on a regular basis. Even though some of these scholarships may only have small amounts like $500, it adds up to a good amount if you manage to win a bunch of them.

So as you can see, you can check out innumerable unusual scholarships to help pay for your higher education. Of course, there will always be folks who ridicule these weird scholarships. But simply consider how many students benefit from such bizarre schemes and you will understand this is no laughing matter after all. So don’t get upset about not getting a scholarship just because you do not have a high GPA; there are plenty of high-paying unusual scholarships out there for ‘differently talented’ students like you!

Scholarships For Women

Over the last few decades much has been done to erase gender inequality in the field of education. Women have charged ahead to bring themselves at par and even outmaneuvering men, in their academic pursuits. They have succeeded at carving a niche for themselves in many professional fields hitherto regarded as male-dominated. In the past few decades, both, government and non-governmental agencies have made remarkable contributions to provide funding for women’s education. And thanks to them – fields like science, engineering, math, technology, business and law, traditionally considered male bastions, have an overwhelming presence of women in many key positions today.

Main Funding Sources For Women’s Scholarships

Colleges and universities, professional organizations and corporate sponsors are the main sources for women’s educational funding. Given below is a list of some of the prominent scholarship programs for women.

Scholarships for Women

The Selected Professions Fellowships

Sponsored by the American Association of University Women (AAUW), this provides educational funding for women intending to pursue a full-time course of study- graduate or post-graduate degree program at accredited U.S. institutions. The study programs include a master’s degree in architecture; Computer/Information Sciences; Engineering; or Mathematics/Statistics. The AAUW also awards international fellowships to women who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents, and are pursing full-time graduate or postgraduate study or research in the field of Business Administration, Law and Medicine.

Scholarships By Society Of Women Engineers

The SWE Scholarship programs offer financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate women studying engineering and computer science in accredited U.S. institutions.

Art Scholarships For Women

There are many grants and scholarships that provide funding for women who intend to pursue art as a subject of study. The fields include sculpting, art history, weaving and several categories of visual arts.

Scholarships For Minority And International Women

Scores of scholarships and grants are offered to women candidates who are disadvantaged due to their minority status. Colleges and universities as well as many public and private sources offer educational funding for Black and Hispanic women. The Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund is open to international women who are citizens of World Bank lower or middle income member countries, and who have a record of social service to women and/or children in her country. The woman has to use the grant to pursue her education at an accredited U.S. or Canadian educational institution.

Returning To College

Funding is also offered to women who could not pursue higher education due to the responsibility of home and children. An example of such a funding is one instituted by the Talbot’s charitable foundation. Women who have a high school diploma are eligible for the Talbot’s Women’s Scholarships. Fifty-five scholarships are awarded annually to women seeking an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university or vocational-technical school. Also, the candidates should have earned their high school diploma or GED at least 10 years prior to applying for the scholarship.

African American Scholarships

One of the largest minorities in the United States is the African American community. Having migrated from various countries across Africa like Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, to name a few, this community has contributed to the United States in more ways than one can imagine. African Americans have played a major role in the evolution of the American culture through their literature, food, art, music etc. The fact remains, however, that a lot of students from this community are unable to pursue higher studies owing to financial constraints. This is where scholarships meant for specifically helping this community in further studies come into play.

There are a number of scholarships that are available for African Americans. Some of the more prominent ones are listed below:

1. United Negro College Fund: One of the oldest and largest scholarship organizations, the United Negro College Fund has helped thousands of African American students avail scholarship. To qualify for a scholarship with this institution, students are required to enroll in an affiliated college. One would need to apply for the scholarship using the specific forms available through the United Negro College Fund. Once a student applies, the organization processes the application and helps the applicant choose the best available scholarship program, based on the course applied and the quantum of financial aid required.

2. Thurgood Marshall College Fund: This Fund offers scholarships to meritorious students with a genuine need for financing their higher studies. The Fund specifies that students utilize the scholarship only for purchasing study material, hostel boarding fees and tuition and/or other educational fees. African American Scholarships

3. Vivien Thomas Scholarship: Sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, the Vivien Thomas Scholarship is offered to African American students who are pursuing degree courses in science or medicine. The scholarship was created to commemorate the life of an African American named Vivien Thomas who withstood the challenges of racism and similar hostilities and went on to become an established surgeon.

4. Ron Brown Scholar Program: The Ron Brown Scholar Program has a history of successfully helping African American students avail scholarships worth $40,000. All the students chosen for this scholarship, in addition to being financially deprived, distinguished themselves in academic achievement, leadership, and instances of community service. The major feature of this scholarship program as opposed to other programs is that it does not restrict applicants from studying only in a chosen few colleges. The scholarship program from Ron Brown offers up to $10,000 annually for a four-year degree, and covers tuition fees, health insurance, study materials, and even computers.

In addition to these scholarships, there are programs reserved for women students seeking financial aid. The “Miss Teen Africa” competition does not limit itself to choosing women for their good looks. Winners of the competition are also offered the option of a scholarship for higher studies.

While deciding which scholarship program to choose, students would do well to first analyze their own financial needs, the course they are interested in studying and the place where the scholarship may be availed. One should also take adequate care to choose only such scholarship organizations that have an established credibility and have a history of offering scholarships to genuine students.

Hispanic Scholarships

College education is an expensive academic goal. This is especially true in the case of financially challenged minorities like Hispanics. In fact, very few Hispanic students manage to raise enough funds to get through high school and college. However, as colleges are now looking out for new ways to make education more accessible to all students – regardless of their ethnicity or financial background – there are many scholarships available exclusively for minorities like Hispanics. Thanks to these Hispanic scholarships, deserving Hispanic students will no longer be forced to quit education for financial reasons.

Hispanic scholarships are available from various colleges, universities and organizations. While most scholarships are awarded for general courses, there are also ones for specialized courses like computer technology, actuarial sciences and engineering. The scholarships are generally available as varying amounts of cash awards depending on the organizations that sponsor them.

Notable Hispanic Scholarships

Here are some of the well-known scholarships for Hispanics that you may apply for:

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) is a great place to begin looking for Hispanic scholarships. They have innumerable resources to address the needs and concerns of Hispanic students. In fact, the HSF currently supports the education of more than 3000 Hispanics nation wide.
The Google Scholarship Program provides financial aid for junior or senior students pursuing computer engineering or computer science in college.

For students pursuing engineering courses, there are Hispanic scholarships like the HP Scholar Award. The total value of this four-year scholarship amounts to more than $40,000 per student. This amount is also inclusive of three paid internships. This internship is the most valuable aspect of this particular scholarship.

Junior or senior students who are pursuing bachelor’s degree in nursing can apply for the Kaiser Permanente Caring program. If selected, the student receives $8,000 annually.

For Hispanic students pursuing degrees in business or engineering, there is the HSF/General Motors Scholarship Program that offers about $2500 in scholarships for exceptionally outstanding Hispanic students.Hispanic Scholarships

For students who are pursing a degree in pharmacy science, it would be a good idea to apply for the Costco Pharmacy Scholar Program. Students who are chosen for this scholarship are expected to work at any one Costco Pharmacy store for a minimum period of one year.

Also notable among the Hispanic scholarships is the Sallie Mae First-in-my-Family Scholarship. This program provides scholarships for Hispanic students who are the first in their family to attend college and are financially challenged. The scholarship amount ranges from $5000 to $5000.

To qualify for most of these Hispanic scholarships, a student must first apply for a federal student’s loan so as to establish his financial need. The applicant must also possess excellent academic records with GPA of 3.5. Once a student satisfies these as well as other criteria specified by the sponsoring companies, he will be granted annual scholarships starting from $1000.

Hispanic scholarships are greatly beneficial in helping out financially challenged Hispanics and helping them create better careers. Thanks to these scholarships, today more and more Hispanics are able to find their way into the top businesses and corporations in the country thereby doing their share in the development of the country.