Academic Achievement And Other Scholarships | Academic Scholarships

Education. This is one investment you cannot afford not to make yourself. Your future depends on it. This is one way for you to land that dream job. But remember, to do that, you need a college education, a college degree. College education, however, is not easy on the pocket. Many cannot afford a good education. One way you may be able to get that education is through a scholarship. But scholarships are not easy to come by. You need to work hard at your academics. If you are good in a certain sport, you need to work hard at your game for a sports scout to notice you.

Getting Scholarships

You need to be exceptional to get a scholarship. There are many who want one but very few who get them. Scholarships are based on some requirement or the other. If your academic performance has been exceptional and if you are eligible for GPA, you may look for an academic achievement scholarship grant.

Here are two academic achievement scholarships you can consider:

• College of DuPage Foundation Achievers Scholarship – You need to have achieved 3.5 GPA and above to qualify. You need to be a resident of District 502 and enrol in a certificate or a degree program, or a transfer program. You need to maintain 12 credit hours per semester full time status.

• Michael Ries Alumni Scholarship – You must be a resident of District 502 and must have completed at least 30 credit hours. You need to maintain 12 credit hours or more and maintain cumulative 3.5 GPA.

After having been granted this scholarship you will have to work hard to keep abreast of the maximum rating. The grant can be revoked if you are unable to reach the required rating by the time you finish your first term. You may be put on probation till you achieve the required grades.

If you are exceptional in your chosen sport you can try for a sports scholarship. You do not need to excel in academics as scholarship grant is for those who excel in sports. You however, need to do well enough to be noticed by a sports scout. You normally do not pursue such scholarships. They are granted to you based on your excellence in the sport of your choice.

• Jim McKay Scholarship Program – Established by NCAA in recognition of “outstanding academic achievement and potential to make a major contribution in the sports communication industry.” Basic eligibility requirement is ‘intercollegiate athletics as a member of a varsity team at an NCAA member institution.’ You need to enroll for graduate study in any NCAA member institute with an undergraduate grade point average of minimum 3.500 out of the maximum 4.000.

You may be lucky if you receive a full scholarship that covers books, tuition and cost of living. Partial scholarships may cover only any one of the three.

On the whole, it is an honor to receive scholarship in any form!