Corporate Scholarship Programs

The economic strength of American corporations is growing. Today, they are in a position to give back a part of their wealth through corporate scholarship programs. They are this way investing in their own future as the students availing these scholarship programs are mostly absorbed by them. This enables these corporations to remain globally competitive. These corporations offer different types of scholarship.

Large corporations have created foundations which are separate entities by themselves. These foundations offer scholarship programs to deserving students. Most corporations offer scholarships to high school students.

Scholarship Programs

You need to browse through the net to check which corporations offer scholarship programs that suit you. Your best bet would be to check companies that appear in the Fortune 500 list. This list is replete with large and diverse corporations, such as soft drink and IT companies. These companies are more of giants than mere corporations. You will also find commodity brokers and grocery chains as a part of the list.

Research these companies and find out the type of scholarships they offer. You can find out the eligibility requirements from their websites.

Let us look at some of the corporations that offer corporate scholarship programs:

• Established in 1999, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation offer grants to graduate students in mathematics, engineering, science, education, and library science. Undergraduates are offered grants in all disciplines. The Foundation provides grants to students of the African American, American Indian, Alaska Natives, and Hispanic American origin, in addition to those Americans from Asian Pacific Islands. The grant is known as The Gates Millennium Scholars (GMS) grant.

• If you are a high school student who has participated in an official Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program, you could try for The Dell Scholars Program. 250 scholarships, each worth a substantial $20,000, are offered through this program. This is a need based program. It is awarded to those in need of financial help, to enable them to pursue their dreams of higher education. $5 million worth of funds enable 250 needy students to complete their college studies through this program.

• If you have consistently shown excellence in academics at school, have been regularly active in programs offered by your school, are a recognized leader, have been an active participant of a service program benefiting your school or your community, then you could be nominated for the Toyota Community Scholars program. For this award your high school will need to nominate you. If you think you are the right student for this program, get in touch with your guidance counsellor at school.

These were just a few examples of the types of corporate scholarship programs available to deserving students. You need to research well and try to enter the appropriate and deserving program in time. Financial aid for the deserving is always available – make the move on time.