Graduate School Scholarships

Thinking of obtaining a graduate degree is great; especially if it will help you get a cosy job and lead a comfortable life. But before that, you need to find out how you are going to finance your studies. College education is expensive. In fact, many young people shelve their educational ambitions of joining graduate schools due to lack of financial resources. But, there are ways of getting finance. You can use internships, loans, and fellowships to finance your way through college. Another way is to apply for graduate school scholarships.

Different Types Of Scholarships

Many factors are involved in selecting the type of scholarship most suitable to you. There are those that are awarded purely on academic merit. Some need-based scholarships are awarded on financial grounds. If you are not financially well off, you may opt for such an award.

Certain scholarships are specialized-group specific, such as for certain ethnic tribes or those in minority. The Gates Millennium Scholars (GMS) grant provides an opportunity to students of African American, American Indian, and Hispanic American origin, in addition to Alaska Natives and Americans from Asian Pacific Islands to fulfil their ambitions in education.

Graduate students can opt for scholarships offered on the basis of their field of study. These are offered by industries in which you wish to make your career. These are a win-win situation for both, as the industries get skilled people like you to work for them.

ISC Security Scholarship for Post-Graduate Information Security Students is awarded to full-time post-graduate students. They need to be students of advanced degree in information security at any accredited university. This is a one year scholarship award given for a maximum of $12,000.

Charles H. Reid Freshman Scholarship is awarded by University of Hawaii to a full time incoming freshman. The student must pursue a career in veterinary medicine. This is an award of $1000 per year.

Vis-à-vis undergraduate scholarships, scholarships available for graduate students are fewer in number. This leads to competitiveness and stricter criteria for getting financial aid. If you have decided on the school you wish to attend, you should check the scholarship programs offered by that school. Usually, many financial aid opportunities are available for students opting to study math, science, engineering, teaching, or nursing.

Due to high competition, it would be advisable to start early on your graduate school scholarship hunt. Check out the kind of approval required for your application. You may need a recommendation from your current undergraduate school Too. You now have a year in hand to build a good rapport with your school’s faculty. This is important as a lot depends on their recommendation letter.

Approach the graduate schools you have short listed. Display interest in joining their institution and find out about the scholarship programs they offer. Let them know of your financial requirements. Point out why you deserve that scholarship. Remember, the key is to start early.