Hispanic Scholarships

College education is an expensive academic goal. This is especially true in the case of financially challenged minorities like Hispanics. In fact, very few Hispanic students manage to raise enough funds to get through high school and college. However, as colleges are now looking out for new ways to make education more accessible to all students – regardless of their ethnicity or financial background – there are many scholarships available exclusively for minorities like Hispanics. Thanks to these Hispanic scholarships, deserving Hispanic students will no longer be forced to quit education for financial reasons.

Hispanic scholarships are available from various colleges, universities and organizations. While most scholarships are awarded for general courses, there are also ones for specialized courses like computer technology, actuarial sciences and engineering. The scholarships are generally available as varying amounts of cash awards depending on the organizations that sponsor them.

Notable Hispanic Scholarships

Here are some of the well-known scholarships for Hispanics that you may apply for:

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) is a great place to begin looking for Hispanic scholarships. They have innumerable resources to address the needs and concerns of Hispanic students. In fact, the HSF currently supports the education of more than 3000 Hispanics nation wide.
The Google Scholarship Program provides financial aid for junior or senior students pursuing computer engineering or computer science in college.

For students pursuing engineering courses, there are Hispanic scholarships like the HP Scholar Award. The total value of this four-year scholarship amounts to more than $40,000 per student. This amount is also inclusive of three paid internships. This internship is the most valuable aspect of this particular scholarship.

Junior or senior students who are pursuing bachelor’s degree in nursing can apply for the Kaiser Permanente Caring program. If selected, the student receives $8,000 annually.

For Hispanic students pursuing degrees in business or engineering, there is the HSF/General Motors Scholarship Program that offers about $2500 in scholarships for exceptionally outstanding Hispanic students.Hispanic Scholarships

For students who are pursing a degree in pharmacy science, it would be a good idea to apply for the Costco Pharmacy Scholar Program. Students who are chosen for this scholarship are expected to work at any one Costco Pharmacy store for a minimum period of one year.

Also notable among the Hispanic scholarships is the Sallie Mae First-in-my-Family Scholarship. This program provides scholarships for Hispanic students who are the first in their family to attend college and are financially challenged. The scholarship amount ranges from $5000 to $5000.

To qualify for most of these Hispanic scholarships, a student must first apply for a federal student’s loan so as to establish his financial need. The applicant must also possess excellent academic records with GPA of 3.5. Once a student satisfies these as well as other criteria specified by the sponsoring companies, he will be granted annual scholarships starting from $1000.

Hispanic scholarships are greatly beneficial in helping out financially challenged Hispanics and helping them create better careers. Thanks to these scholarships, today more and more Hispanics are able to find their way into the top businesses and corporations in the country thereby doing their share in the development of the country.