International Scholarships Made Easier

Today many American students apply for scholarship to meet their educational expenses. There are lots of scholarship programs available, both at national and international level. For Americans, studying abroad has become easier. There are resources available in the form of international scholarships. In their pursuit to study in foreign lands, American students from colleges and universities can now look forward to financial aid in the form of scholarships, loans, and grants. As a student aspiring to study abroad, you can search for the scholarship program of your choice on the basis of country, university, and field of study.

Programs Galore

A plethora of scholarships and fellowships exist for American students who want to study abroad. Among them are Post doctoral scholarships, Merit scholarships, and scholarships from Fulbright and Rotary, among others. You need to research well to see which program will help you fulfil your educational ambitions.

When you think of international scholarships the crown jewel, is the Fulbright Scholarship. The brain child of Senator William Fulbright of Arkansas, this program was instituted to “increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries.” This United States government sponsored educational exchange program provides opportunities to study, teach, share and conduct research on matters of global concern.

Since its commencement in 1946, 63 years ago, more than 111,000 Americans have taken advantage of its programs in 155 countries. Fulbright has a number of programs but the one that will definitely interest you is the American student, is the Fulbright U.S. Student Program. Graduating and graduate American students are offered study fellowships for one academic year. These fellowships may come with full or partial support. The Fulbright Program has supported more than 1500 Americans, last year.

A Rotary scholarship is another way to fulfil your ambitions to study abroad. Undergraduate and graduate students can avail of funding for studies abroad. Rotary offers programs for short term (3 – 6 months), a full academic year, and those lasting more than a year. You need to check out the criteria required for you need not necessarily be a college or a university student when you are applying.

As applications are submitted through the Rotary clubs, check with your local club for any scholarships currently available. Ideally, you should apply at your local Rotary club instead of applying at the club in your university city. This will cut down the competition extensively. As is usual when seeking financial aida scholarship, you need to start your search for a Rotary scholarship early. Form a good rapport with your local Rotary club’s president as he is going to be your sponsor.

After passing through the local and district levels, and once you are selected, you will find the scholarship to be very generous. Undergraduates can try for the Rotary Ambassadorial scholarships. Through this you can apply for any institution in any country. What’s more, there is no age restriction to apply!