Art And Music Scholarships

Scholarships are special opportunities for those who need help to finance their education. Education is expensive and higher education even more so. Gifted students, whether in academics, sports or fine arts have an opportunity to support their ambitions through a scholarship grant. Art and Music scholarships are awarded by specific colleges to students who wish to join their institution. These are awarded to students who want to pursue their studies in music – vocal and/or instrumental, theatre, performing or non-performing arts. These scholarships are awarded after an audition where students are gauged for their exceptional talent, whether present or potential.

The Auditions

Once you have applied to a particular college you will be invited to an audition. Your admission will depend on the recommendations after your audition. You may need to answer certain questions about your pursuits.

If you are a student of music, you will need to tell about the instruments you play. You will be required to list out the music that interests you, the type of songs, composers, and music bands that you prefer. You will also need to inform what music would you like to play and on what instrument during your audition. You may be asked to perform in two contrasting styles. Proficiency and performance – both will count here.

You can apply at the following school:

• Sarofim School of Fine Arts – Offers scholarships in Studio Art, Music and Theatre to students who have been granted admission.

Art scholarship is for those majoring in Studio Art only. They applicant must present their portfolio of recent work. 15-20 samples could be sent as 35mm color slides or as digital photos duly identified. The scholarship ranges from $3000 to $5000 per year.

The Music scholarship ranges from $3500 – $12,000 per year. Audition requirements are Woodwinds, Brass and Strings, Percussion and Piano. There is an audition for Voice also.

For students majoring in Theatre, the scholarship award is $3,000-$7,000 per year. Audition requirements are Acting (two contrasting monologues), and presentation of Design portfolio.

Art students would need to inform the medium they like to work in the most, and the artist they prefer the most. You may need to explain which painting or work of art interests you.

A student applying to get into theatre may need to audition on monologues, whether contemporary or classic, comedy, tragic or drama. Dance students will need to give a dance performance.

Colleges and universities recognize the exceptional talent of students and prospective students and are happy to grant them scholarships. While applying for your art and music scholarship, you need not limit yourself. If you are exceptional in studies you can also look to getting yourself an academic achievement scholarship to supplement your expenses.

Many colleges offer an art and music grant instead of a scholarship. You may lose your scholarship on non performance. In such a scenario, you need to pay back your loan. The main advantage of art and music grant is that you need not pay back anything. In addition, grants can be obtained repeatedly.