Scholarships for left handed people

Statistics indicate that more than 10% of the population of United States and a similar number of 20-year olds are left-handed. It is also no secret that there are innumerous left-handed people who have made their mark in various aspects of society through their contribution to sports, politics, academics, acting, music, to name a few. Some of the prominent names in the world of left-handed people include former Presidents Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, and Bill Clinton; famous international personalities like Prince Charles, Queen Victoria, and Julius Caesar……the list goes on. Considering that being left-handed is by no means a handicap, there is a need for offering financial assistance in the world of academics so that such students have an equal opportunity to make it big in this world. Taking note of this, a college based in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania offers scholarships for left-handed people, called the Frederick and Mary F Buckley Scholarship.
Left Handed Scholarships
Frederick And Mary F Buckley Scholarship

The Frederick and Mary F Buckley Scholarship is offered by the Juanita College in Huntingdon. The scholarship ranges from $1000 to $1500 annually to deserving left-handed students enrolled with the college. Students in their sophomore, junior or senior classes who have a distinctive academic record and require financial assistance, are eligible for this scholarship. Although the college does not conduct any specific test aimed at evaluating a student’s left-handed status, it does require them to indicate in their application forms about their left-handed status. Once the college makes sure about a student’s above-average academic background, it awards him/her the scholarship.

The Story Behind The Scholarship

There is an interesting background to how the Frederick and Mary F Buckley Scholarship came into being. It is believed that the precursor to the scholarship lies in a love story that took place between two students of Juniata, Mary Francis and Frederick Beckley. Way back in 1919, the tennis coach to Mary and Frederick paired them on account of both being left-handed. The pair went on to get married and later on donated $24,000 to the college, specifically to be paid as scholarships to left-handed students. Since 1979, more than 40 left-handed students have benefited from the scholarship.

Since it is widely believed that the Frederick and Mary F Buckley Scholarship is the only one of its kind in the entire United States, it is natural that there is a lot of competition within the left-handed fraternity to avail the scholarship.

A Word Of Caution

For those who are left-handed and are searching for a scholarship, here is a word of caution. Firstly, there aren’t too many scholarships out there for left-handed people. In fact, the Juanita College Scholarship might be the only one that is available. For those searching the internet for information, it might seem on an initial search that there are many scholarships available for left-handed individuals. There are some sites that even trick the unprepared into paying an initial amount for searching for scholarships for left-handed people. One needs to exercise extreme caution in such cases since it might be a better idea to visit the nearest university library or even speak to a qualified educational consultant who would be better placed to give you advice rather than these spurious sites.