Teaching Scholarships

With a shortage of qualified teachers, the easy availability of teaching scholarships has been a great boon. Those who are interested in making a career in teaching, the availability of financing through scholarships have brought relief to a large number of individuals. Across the United States, a variety of scholarships are made available for those wanting to get into teaching as a profession. There are various scholarships that are not only available at the local level, larger universities also offer national level teaching scholarships to attract the best talent available in the country.

Regional Scholarships

For those wanting to evaluate the teaching scholarships available locally, the easiest way to explore the available opportunities would be to check with any school’s financial aid department. Additionally, in most local universities, the various departments have the facility of advisors who are the best source of information regarding scholarships in a particular school. Those who are enrolled as students in a school or college should get in touch with their respective departments to understand the scholarship benefits on offer. While evaluating the scholarships one has access to, it is advisable to check the quantum of financial assistance one can avail in addition to any material financial aid one could use to manage the living expenses to be incurred during a teaching job.Teaching Scholarships Although in most cases, the amount of financial aid that a local teaching scholarship can offer might be less in value than a national scholarship, it is nevertheless an important source of aid. One can, based on previous academic record, attempt to get multiple local scholarships so that the resulting aid is substantial.

National Scholarships

Students who decide to make career in teaching, especially in a particular stream, should try to understand the various national-level scholarships. These scholarships are especially useful for those who wish to specialize in a particular area over time. Some of the more prominent national scholarships include:

Phi Delta Kappa (PDK): PDK offers graduate fellowships annually to graduate students pursuing degrees at master’s, specialist, and doctoral levels. More specifically, those students that have plans to pursue teaching options in elementary or secondary education can receive scholarships of up to $1,000 from the PDK’s International Education Foundation.
KSTF Teaching Fellowships: KSTF, a group established by the Janet H. and C. Harry Knowles Foundation offers fellowships to men and women with a keen interest in teaching high school science and/or mathematics in U.S. schools. As a pre-condition, the Foundation requires applicants to have a bachelor’s or advanced degree in science, engineering or mathematics. The fellowship supports successful applicants through a teacher preparatory program for a period of five years.
Bright Horizons Family Solutions: This organization offers solutions relating to employer-sponsored childcare, early education, and work/life. The firm offers scholarships up to $10,000 for students enrolled in a full-time degree in early childhood education.
Charles McDaniel Teacher Scholarship: This Georgia-based scholarship program offers $1000 annually to those high school graduates who enroll with the department of education to obtain a degree in teaching.