Acquiring Vocational Skills Using Scholarships | Vocational Scholarships

In today’s fast-paced world, the need to finish studies quickly and begin a professional career is steadily on the rise. Coupled with this, a lot of students find it difficult to complete a full-time degree for four years owing to financial limitations. This is where vocational scholarships come handy. These scholarships help students from financially weaker sections of society complete their education. Additionally, they also provide an opportunity to specialize in a chosen vocation or trade that makes having a professionally successful career easier. The graduation courses that one can take up with a vocational scholarship include architecture, telecom, and engineering, to name a few.

Types Of Vocational Scholarships

While identifying which scholarship to apply for, one would tend to observe that vocational scholarships are usually linked with one trade field or the other. Since getting into a vocation essentially involves excelling in a particular area, there are scholarships in place that fund students who pursue a specific trade apprenticeship. These scholarships allow students to acquire a vocation-specific training under the supervision of a skilled professional. One of the more common apprenticeship programs involves government-approved organizations that are categorized as plumbing, heating and cooling contractors (PHCC). As an example, the PHCC Educational Foundation offers scholarships up to $3000 to students with an approved apprenticeship program, or to attend a two-year vocational course.

In addition to trade-specific apprenticeships, there are more generic vocational scholarships that award a scholarship for certain parameters such as financial need or contribution to society through community service. The Coca Cola Scholarships program, for example, offers scholarships to high school students that wish to opt for a two-year trade or vocational course. The eligibility requirement stipulates academic excellence and evidence of community service by the applicant. In addition to generic scholarships, there are vocational scholarships available specifically for women. For instance, women interested in accounting courses can apply to the Educational Foundation for Women Accountants for vocational scholarships that help them become accounting professionals.

Benefits Of Vocational Scholarships

There are several advantages that accrue to those opting for a vocational scholarship.

Lesser Time Burden: The most obvious advantage of a vocational scholarship is the low investment in terms of time. Compared to a conventional four-year degree course, most vocational course can be completed within two to three years. Once completed, students can look forward to the career they want in their chosen area.
Financial Assistance: A large number of students that wish to pursue higher studies get discouraged each year if they do not have the requisite finances. A vocational scholarship aids such financially weak students in making a meaningful career. It also bridges the gap between academics and deserving candidates.
Demand for skills, not just degrees: In the long run, every organization values an individual not because of his degrees but because of the specific skills he brings to the table. Vocational scholarships help a large number of people to acquire the skills they need to shine in an organizational setup without having to spend years acquiring theoretical knowledge.